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C.G. Mosley

International Best Selling Adventure Author


New Release

Jackson Nash and the Vector of Peril 

The year is 1940 and the threat of the German Reich’s reach on the globe is growing. Adolf Hitler’s thirst for power has driven him to seek advantages from any means necessary. One such means involves biological weapons—more specifically, bombs filled with mosquitoes that are laced with an engineered virus that would rival the Bubonic Plague.

With the United States trying to avoid war, the entire world is at risk. The Office of Strategic Services is looking for an entomologist to help build a case against the Nazi scientist that is developing the bomb. They need someone brash and daring. Someone willing to take on the dangers of a South American rainforest as well as the Nazis themselves.

Jackson Nash is no stranger to danger. He’s globe trotted the world in the name of science and has found himself in precarious situations before. Now with the help of a beautiful epidemiologist, as well as his canine sidekick Duke, Jack will face perils at every turn!

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This book was captivating start to finish. The adventures and trials Jackson Nash and Duke faced were action packed. I cant wait to read more!!

Praise & Reviews

I loved reading this roller coaster ride of the adventures of Jackson Nash. The plot was thrilling and well thought out, and I came to really enjoy the characters as I dove into Nash’s journey. Highly recommend!

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Mississippi Book Festival - August 19, 2023 - Jackson, MS 

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About C.G. Mosley 

C.G. Mosley was born and raised in a small town in east central Mississippi. Other than writing, he also enjoys watching Dallas Cowboys football and Nashville Predators hockey on television.  He is also a bit of a pirate buff.

C.G. has written multiple novels and novellas that have sold to readers all over the world.  Some of his books have even been translated into German and Italian.  Select titles are also available on audio book.


C.G. lives near Hattiesburg, Mississippi with his wife Crystal.  They have five kids that keep them very busy.

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