Sheriff Ray Cochran has dealt with cryptids lurking in the shadows of Baker County before, but nothing has prepared him for this. With Halloween mere days away, a young boy is suddenly taken by a wood ape and later found dead in the nearby forest. What follows is a no-holds-barred effort by Cochran and two government agents to locate the rogue wood ape and destroy it before any else gets hurt. Will they find it before the streets of Dunn are crawling with costumed children eager to trick-or-treat for candy? If they don't, more blood will almost certainly be shed.

Available now in Digital.

Wood Ape


Welcome to Dunn! It is your typical sleepy southern town. It’s residents are friendly and cordial. In Dunn there is no such thing as a stranger—everyone knows everyone. When the Schrader family moves into town they are welcomed with open arms, but slowly come to realize that everything is not what it seems. For there is another resident of Dunn, a terrifying presence that lives within the shadows of the forest. It watches the Schrader's with a sinister interest and unquenchable thirst for blood!




Star Cruiser Titan




Located on a top-secret base on the dark side of the moon, the SC Titan has just been completed. A star cruiser unlike anything the world has ever seen, the Titan can carry 40 star fighters called Comets, and with them, an elite roster of pilots and crewmen—the best of the best. 

When first contact is made with a highly advanced alien race, the Titan and her crew are dispatched on a journey across the galaxy. A journey that will have far reaching consequences for all of humanity. 



The Island in the Mist




Millionaire Angus Wedgeworth makes a startling discovery on a tiny island in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle! However, there is a slight problem...the island is inhabited by savage dinosaurs. Angus assembles a team to accompany him to the island but keeps the details to himself. After tricking a paleontologist and his girlfriend to join them on the expedition, things begin to spiral wildly out of control. The secret hidden on the The Island In The Mist has kept the prehistoric beasts from extinction. Man will not be able to claim it without a fight!


Monsters in the Mist (The Island in the Mist-Volume 2)



Seven years have passed since the horrific events occurred on the mysterious island shrouded in mist. The dinosaurs still claim the island as their home and continue to thrive there, hidden away in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. However, they are no longer alone and man has found a way to exploit them. Meanwhile, Jonathon Williams and his wife Lucy are expecting their first child and are doing their best to put the awful memories of their time on the island behind them. Unfortunately, a complication with Lucy's pregnancy forces Jonathon to return to the dinosaur haven to search once again for the fountain of youth. Once there, he discovers a dangerous operation on the island that could endanger people all over the world. Suddenly, he is not only there to save his wife, but the fate of the world seems to be on his shoulders as well. The only question is, which species presents the most danger? Man or dinosaur? The Monsters In The Mist is the thrilling sequel to The Island In The Mist!


Terror in the Mist (The Island in the Mist-Volume 3)

ISBN-13: 978-1925711233

The Island in the Mist is no longer a secret. Despite Jonathon William's best efforts to keep it safe and hidden away, the city of New Orleans becomes the first victim of a dinosaur attack. In the aftermath, a secret department of the United States military, led by the mysterious Mr. Cold, invade the island and begin a program to weaponize the prehistoric animals. Jonathon does his best to warn Cold of the dangers related to such an endeavor, but his warning is ignored. Jonathon goes on living his life with Lucy, and their daughter Lily, while Mr. Cold recruits survivors Glenn Hardcastle and Dr. Charlotte Nelson to help him reach his goal of weaponizing the dinosaurs. Two years later, incredible circumstances again force Jonathon back to the island, but this time he's joined by a team of mercenaries. Their mission was supposed to be a simple rescue and recovery, but as usual, nothing on the island is simple. Once again the carnivorous dinosaurs inflict a significant amount of carnage and death, but this time the island itself seems to fight back as well. With death and destruction seemingly breathing down his neck, paleontologist Jonathon Williams is suddenly faced with his greatest challenge yet! The island has essentially become a ticking time bomb...will he escape before it's too late? Terror In The Mist is the exciting conclusion to the The Island In The Mist trilogy!


The Pirate Raiders

ISBN-13: 978-1925597950

The recently captured pirate captain William "Redd" Reeves has been given a second chance. The governor of Port Royal Jamaica has given him the "task" of apprehending the most fearsome pirate of the seven seas: Captain Winston Trimble. Captain Trimble has recently gained possession of the legendary signet ring of King Solomon. The ring gives it's bearer power to control demons and speak to animals. Trimble has decided to use the ring to control the tentacled monstrosity known as the kraken so that he may truly rule the seas! Captain Redd must battle cannibalistic monsters, the Royal Navy, and of course the kraken too if he is going to defeat Captain Trimble.


Worthless Silver

People are dying brutal, horrifying deaths all over a small town in the deep south. Two small town detectives are assigned to the case, and what they find will change their lives forever. Who, or what, is killing the innocent people? And more importantly, what can be done to stop it?

Follow detectives Chuck Myers and Al Bradley as they seek the answers to those questions...and struggle to stay alive! 

Whether it's a chase through a five story parking garage, or a dangerous investigation inside the heart of an ancient Indian mound, danger lurks around every corner. This is the ultimate story of good vs evil!


Baker County Bigfoot Chronicle

Marie Bledsoe only wants her missing brother Kurt back. She'll stop at nothing to make it happen and, with the help of Kurt's friend Tony, along with Sheriff Ray Cochran, Marie embarks on a terrifying journey deep into the belly of the mysterious Walker Laboratory to find him. 

However, what she and her companions find lurking in the laboratory basement is beyond comprehension. There are cryptids from the forest being held captive there and something...else. 

Enjoy this suspenseful tale from the mind of C.G. Mosley, author of Wood Ape. Welcome back to Baker County, a place where monsters do lurk in the night! 


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